The Cable TV Services

Dealing with your bills sucks. We want to fix that.

Why we started The Cable Tv Services

Hi, we’re Logan and Ammar, the Co-Founders of The Cable Tv Services. We’re brothers who got fed up with the way bills work.

Back in 2021, we both had Comcast and after getting ripped off one too many times, we thought nobody else should be. We didn’t think the way that corporations treat consumers was fair. We still don’t. That’s why we want to fix it.

Adnan Shahzad


Ammar handles all things Operations. He’s also an attorney, but only in TN, so if you’re going to sue us, please make sure to do it here.


We can’t do this alone. Most people don’t even know their bills are negotiable, much less that we exist to help them out. We partner with organizations that want to help consumers and businesses save money and get better treatment. Whether you’re a financial institution, an app, an employer, an accountant, or anybody else—if you believe in our mission, we want to talk.



We love journalists. If it hadn’t been for attention from some very cool ones early on, we’d still just be two dudes who sometimes helped their aunt with her bills. We’ve helped The Wall Street Journal analyze ISP pricing disparities and local news reporters get help for somebody in their community. The world of bills is complicated and tangled and unfair and it needs a spotlight. Whatever story you’ve found that needs telling, we’re here to help.



Our amazing team are the ones who actually make this happen. If you’re a weirdo who likes haggling with cable companies or somebody with a very specialized set of skills, maybe we should work together. We try to keep our open positions on our careers page, but if you think you have something we’re missing, feel free to reach out any time.